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Sean Bean is taking a break from dying in films so that you can kill him in a video game instead

If there's one thing Bean can do it's die on screen

Sean Bean is taking a break from dying in films so that you can kill him in a video game instead
Tom Victor
18 October 2018

If you have seen Sean Bean on screen, chances are you’ve seen Sean Bean die on screen.

The British actor has developed a reputation for being slain in TV and film, whether it’s [spoilers] his character Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, Boromir in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Alec Trevelyan in Goldeneye or even that farmer who got pursued to his death by a herd of cows in The Field.

Put simply, he has died a lot. More than almost anyone else. But are we suffering from an almost literal overkill?

Has Bean died as many times as is palatable? In film and TV, perhaps, but there’s always another way.

Yes, Sean Bean has died in films, then in more films, then on TV. He’ll probably die in at least one more film before the end of his career, too.

However, he hasn’t yet died in a video game, so thankfully someone has moved to right that wrong.

As Cnet reports, Bean will appear in the game Hitman 2 as an assassination victim, which means he’s been introduced to the game specifically so you can kill him.

Bean plays what’s known as an ‘elusive target’, meaning you’ll only have one chance to kill him or else he’ll get away, and the British actor stars in a new ad for the game.

In the first Hitman game, elusive targets included one played by actor Gary Busey. In addition to only having one chance to kill Bean, they will need to do so in a specific designated time period.

Hitman 2 is released on 13 November, and is expected to be similar to its predecessor, following Agent 47 on a series of missions taking in locations across the globe.

Previous missions included Sapienza in Italy, while Bean mentions Miami in the clip above. We’re yet to find out when we’ll be able to take a shot at Bean, but details of the Miami mission are unlikely to be far away.

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