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You have to watch this video of a seal slapping a man in a kayak around the face with an octopus

You will not be disappointed

You have to watch this video of a seal slapping a man in a kayak around the face with an octopus

Picture the scene: you are a man, in a kayak, and you’re hanging around with your mates on a nice stretch of water, when - unbeknownst to you - there is a predator waiting beneath, priming for a deadly strike. 

Sounds like something out of Jaws or Lake Placid or something, doesn’t it? Only thing is, this is not a shark, nor a crocodile - it is a seal. A seal with an octopus in its mouth. A seal with an octopus in its mouth that is about to slap your big dumb mouth right off your face. That’s what’s going to happen.

And it’s going to happen just like this:

Is that not one of the best things you’ve ever seen? A man in a kayak getting belted around the chops by a sodding octopus, thanks to a seal. 

A seal that’s picked up an octopus - we hope - for the sole reason of slapping someone around the cheek with it. This video has everything you need for the perfect internet video:

1) a seal

2) an octopus

3) a man getting slapped

Only this video is so perfect that it contains all three working together. It’s not just some bloke getting slapped by a seal, or even just an octopus, it’s a bloke getting slapped by a seal holding an octopus

In our opinion, it really doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Try and imagine any other video you’d rather watch right now other than the one above, the one of the man getting decked round the mouth by a seal wielding a massive octopus. Exactly, you can’t, can you?

In fact, this video is so good and has struck a chord with the public to such a degree, that they’re already making it into a movie:

11/10, will watch, etc.

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(Images: Getty/@gogdenart)