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Seagull bullies Eagle

"Hello? Anybody home? Think, McFly!"

Seagull bullies Eagle
04 October 2011

Seagulls are bang out of order. Check out this giant one attacking a newsreader, for example.

Yep, it's fair to say they're bullies. And as this picture illustrates they've even got the better of the mighty eagle. Taken by Finnish wildlife photographer Markus Varesvuo, the shot is of a gull attacking an unwary sea eagle, mid-flight.

Born in Helsinki, the keen ornithological snapper has been capturing birds since he was a child. Thanks to advances in camera technology he has been able to take photos that show the variety of unusual bird behaviour/bullying. His new book Birds: Magic Moments is the ultimate guide to the secret world of European birds, but perhaps should be renamed Birds: Some Are Total Dicks.

To see more of Markus' work head here.

(Image: Markus Varesvuo / Nature Picture Library / Rex Features)