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Scientific proof* that watching Creed can make you better at your job

Scientific proof* that watching Creed can make you better at your job

Scientific proof* that watching Creed can make you better at your job

Lacking a bit of motivation in the workplace? Feeling the weight of a black cloud on your shoulders at the mere thought of work?

We feel you. Sometime it’s tough. But you know who also went through tough times, times far tougher than you and actually overcame them? Rocky Balboa. That’s who, slurry pugilist from the gods. The Italian Stallion.

Know who else is quite good at getting up in the morning? Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed, star of Creed, the latest instalment to the Rocky universe and the man that’s about to inspire whole new generations of fans now that the film is out on DVD and you can basically watch it whenever you want.

We know what you’re about to say: ‘it’s only a film, ShortList, it couldn’t actually make me more motivated for my job.’

Our response to this is simple: you are wrong.

You see, we’ve been obsessed with Creed since it first hit cinemas back in 2015. It was a film that reignited our childhood obsession with the Rocky movies and how they’re basically the rulebooks for life as a man. So many lessons, so many great scenes, so much wisdom.

It was only natural then that we transfer this love to Creed when it came out. And we’ve been arguing with everyone that it’s probably the most motivational sports film ever made. So, to prove this we decided to put on a screening for a load of ShortListers before work and then we surveyed them on their motivational levels.

We asked them to look at pictures, to do press-ups, we even showed them some emoji. Our findings… that Creed pumped them up.

We found that on average 76% of ShortList emerged from the cinema with a more positive outlook on life. Choosing happy imagery over negative when put to the test.

Something that also made them more excited to get back to work and ‘sieze’ the day, ‘one round at a time.’

Which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is conclusive proof that Creed is good for you.

*Absolutely not a scientific test

Creed is available on DVD at Amazon.