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This is how much most men overestimate their penis size by, according to science

And there's a graph and everything

This is how much most men overestimate their penis size by, according to science

There appears to be maps and data for everything, and it is a wonderful thing. TerrorWi-Fi codes and now penis size.

Two data enthusiasts with a healthy curiosity for the length, circumference and volume of your trouser occupier have found that the average British man has flaccid length of 9.7cm and circumference of 9.8cm. The average erect length is 14.3cm and circumference of 12.2cm.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Ghana enjoy the largest of penis sizes with an average 11cm flaccid length and 10.6 circumference.

The research comes after a study emerged last week that women prefer a slightly bigger penis if it’s a one-time thing than they do in a long-term relationship. 

But where it gets interesting is when the data researchers, Tobi and Lukas, discovered that much like Pinocchio, certain things grow with lies.

The data shows that on average, the self-reported data on penis length is 1.5cms more generous for flaccid length and 1cm for erect length than the measured data, as seen in this handy graph:

Tobi and Lukas haven’t found out exactly why there are discrepancies in the self-reported and measured results, only promised they’re going to look into it. The world needs it.

Until we know for sure, at least we can take comfort in the fact we’re not alone.