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Samsung's new ad is one long, brutal attack on the iPhone

The shade, the shade of it all!

Samsung's new ad is one long, brutal attack on the iPhone

Reviews have been glowing for the new iPhone X and queues around the world to pick one up have been (as ever) ridiculously long. But that hasn’t stopped arch-rival Samsung from throwing some serious shade at the new smartphone.

In what must be one of the most savage TV adverts ever made, the South Korean tech company ruthlessly attack iPhones for their poor memory capacity, not being water resistant and lack of a stylus.

Here’s the brutal advert in question:

The new ad, called ‘Growing Up,’ was released yesterday and it shows a customer on a perilous journey from iPhone lover to Apple hater.

He gets his first iPhone in 2007 and quickly finds out there’s not enough memory to take any more photos of the boot of his car. Nightmare!

A few years later, when he meets the love of his life, he’s forced to manually type in her phone number (like some sort of ridiculous caveman) while she effortlessly jots down his number with a Samsung stylus.

Fast forward again, while they’re both on holiday, and he runs up to his girlfriend standing on a dock and jokes that he’s going to push her in a lake. But then (plot twist) she pushes them both in. Because his iPhone’s not water resistant, he’s forced to desperately dry it out in a bowl of rice (to be fair, we’ve actually all been there).

Later on, while they’re cuddling and watching TV, his girlfriend smugly grins as her Samsung phone charges wirelessly. Meanwhile, he’s getting strangled by a monstrous morass of iPhone cables and chargers.

And finally, in Samsung’s last and most vicious insult they go after a very sensitive topic: the iPhone X’s infamous ‘notch’. Represented by a man with a truly awful haircut, the ‘notch’ is a half-inch intrusion into the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge screen that houses the smartphone’s sensors. Many users have criticised it for breaking the perfect rectangular display of earlier iPhones.

We feel your pain, brother 

What the infamous ‘notch’ looks like 

All we can say is: 


(Images: Samsung / Rex)