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Someone in Russia just found 54 severed human hands. That is way too many severed human hands

Bloody hell

Someone in Russia just found 54 severed human hands. That is way too many severed human hands
09 March 2018

The news has been awash recently with the story of the Russian spy who was poisoned, along with his daughter in the sleepy English city of Salisbury last Sunday.

An investigation is underway but most signs point toward it being a Russian state-sponsored assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal, a former Russian agent who was convicted in his home country of spying for MI6, before being swapped by Moscow for ten Russian spies arrested by the FBI.

But, as ever, Russia is in combative mood, with their UK embassy firing out a typically belligerent tweet:

A horrific incident, no doubt, but something potentially even worse has just occurred in the Beshennaya channel of the Amur River in Khabarovsk, a city in the south east of Russia, close to the border with China.

Investigators have rushed to a site close to a village called Vladmirovka where a bag containing 54 severed hands was discovered.

The site is a popular fishing spot, and is just 30km from the Chinese border.

[Graphic image to follow]

Finger prints have been found on one hand, while others are still being checked.

Locals say they ‘did not notice anything suspicious’ and investigators are still in the dark over where they have come from, and why.

Local media have reported that medical bandages and hospital-style plastic shoe covers were found next to the hands, leading to a suspicion that the hands were cut off in a medical institution. It’s unclear whether the bodies that they were once attached to would have been dead or alive at the time.

Another, more lurid theory is that the hands were axed off as a punishment for theft.

The investigation continues but, essentially, don’t mess with Russia, OK?

(Image: Nitish Meena)