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Rudimental's Ultimate Playlist

Rudimental's Ultimate Playlist

Rudimental's Ultimate Playlist
Rudimental are flying high right now. And we don’t just mean in the figurative sense.
Seriously, you haven’t lived until you have witnessed hundreds of people jumping up and down to one of the finest dance acts in the world inside a jumbo jet hurtling through the clouds at speeds of 700mph. All of which just goes to show how far this band has come in such a short space of time.
With this in mind, and hoping to glean some of the band’s formative influences behind this success, we sat down with Amir Amor (writer, producer, guitarist) and Leon Rolle (DJ Locksmith) and asked them to compile their Ultimate Playlist...
Rudimental were playing as part of Virgin Atlantic’s #flightdecks concert, beamed around the world to mark the new 787 Dreamliner which is now flying passengers between London Heathrow and Boston

Favourite song no one else has heard of

Amir:Leon:Amir:Where There Is No SunThe Sky Is A Sea Of DarknessLeon:Amir

Favourite movie soundtrack song

Leon:Merry Christmas Mr LawrenceMerry Christmas Mr LawrencebadAmir: 

Favourite sad song

Amir:What’s Going On, Leon:Amir:

Favourite song to hear at a wedding

Leon: Amir:Girls Just Wanna Have Funcheck out the original

Favourite song from your childhood

Amir: Gangsta’s ParadiseLeon:Amir:Leon: September

Favourite current song

Amir:Wonder Where We LandLeon:Amir:

Favourite one-hit wonder

Amir:Leon: Amir:

Favourite lyric

Leon:No DiggityAmir:Leon:Amir:

Favourite song from our own music

Amir:Not Giving InLeon:Amir:Leon: Amir:Giving In, this one in mid-air is probably the most interesting yet