Roller Coaster Takes Buyers Around Property


The housing boom rolls on and anyone trying to view a property these days has to deal with a hundred other interested jostling people, a seriously-prone-to-exaggeration estate agent and a seller who looks like they may well have buried some bodies underneath the patio.

But in Holland, they do things differently. This brilliant advert for Abn-Amro's Huizenpromoter (house promoter) sees them set up a real, working roller coaster to take some people on a tour of a property in Ermelo. The ride travels all around the house, including upstairs, with loudspeaker announcements informing them of the major selling points and attractive features.

It's a publicity stunt, but never mind reducing stamp duty - why can't the government insist that all future house viewings have to be like this? That would be far, far better for all concerned.

[via ITV]