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Rod Stewart was hilariously pissed on live television over the weekend


Rod Stewart was hilariously pissed on live television over the weekend
23 January 2017

Sir Rod Stewart, not content with looking more and more like everyone's mum from the eighties, has taken to two-footing the sherry before going on live telly.

Last night, while drawing the Scottish Cup fifth round, Rod appeared properly smashed and it makes for a pretty spectacular watch.

Just look at him go! His little face beaming, over-arm ball-drawing technique operating at an expert level. Grabbing the backside (allegedly) of the fella next to him. WAKE UP, MAGGIE, I THINK I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU!

Stewart's yelling of each number - "NUMBER SIXTEEN!" - is exactly how things should go down, not meekly whispering each number like they're trying to relay their pizza order at 12pm to a clearly judgmental Dominoes guy.

Rod’s obviously got previous for dabbling in a little bit of hedonism and while this is not on the scale of, say, doing blow at parties in Hollywood populated by Barbra Streisand, Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, and Anjelica Huston, it probably still counts. When I'm 72-year-old I would kill for the chance to get loaded and play silly bollocks with the admin of cup football on live television while adorned in a leopard print scarf.

Let Rod's oyster eyes and peacock hair be your guiding light this week.

(Main Image: Rex Features)