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Robin Van Persie and his BlackBerry

The technology he can't do without

Robin Van Persie and his BlackBerry
Danielle de Wolfe
09 October 2011

“Before I got a BlackBerry I had a Nokia, which I just used for texts and phone calls. I was old-fashioned, to say the least.

"As for using the internet on a phone, I had no skills. Now I use Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger and BBM — the combination of the keyboard for messaging and the touchscreen for the internet is a great idea. Obviously, some players have had issues with Twitter, but I think fans appreciate the insight.

“When we had the Champions League draw I tweeted my thoughts on our opponents and the response was amazing. The one thing I would like to add to my BlackBerry is a darts app. I’m a big fan and, although I’ve had a hole in one playing golf, I still haven’t hit a 180. Somebody please make a darts game — I seriously need to practise.”

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(Image: PA)