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Robbie Savage tells us how Wales can beat England today

And one man is going to be pretty important

Robbie Savage tells us how Wales can beat England today

It's a wonderful time to be a Wales fan.

After a stupendous qualifying performance led by Gareth Bale - one of the greatest players in the world right now - they topped their group, earning a place at the finals of a major tournament for the first time since 1958.

As if that wasn't exciting enough already, they've been drawn in the same group as England, alongside Russia and Slovakia, with the match against the old enemy being the potentially crucial second encounter.

So what is their route to victory? We asked Robbie Savage, holder of 39 Wales caps and now a respected pundit, for his views on how exactly they can notch up a famous victory.

How are Wales going to beat England this summer?

"Well I think they've got to adopt the attitude of Leicester City - I see similarities in the two teams. The underdogs, the togetherness, the team spirit - and I think Leicester have shown everybody anything's achievable with that kind of thing. If you've got a guy in your team who can be the difference, who Wales have got in Bale - like Leicester have with Mahrez or Vardy - you'll have an opportunity. The spine of the team for Wales is great, Hennessy is calm, Ashley Williams has been great for Swansea, then you've got Ramsey and Allen, then you've got Bale. I think, if you're Wales, get the ball to Bale as often as you can and he can cause damage. [You'd stop short of saying] they're the favourites but if Wales go out there and play without any fear and have a go at England - because defensively, in the group stage, they kept a few clean sheets - it'll be a real opportunity for them."

What would Wales have to do if Bales got injured between now and the Euros, would they have to change their style?

"If Bale got much I like to say Wales is not a one-man team - because they did keep clean sheets, they did play very well - but his goals and his assists in the group signifies to me that without him, he is the difference between them qualifying, maybe making the quarter-finals or struggling to get out of the group. I think he is that important."

What is England's biggest threat to Wales? Who do they need to nullify?

"The beauty for England is you've got six or seven strikers who could possibly make the squad all playing well. Sturridge has come back to a bit of form, Vardy and Kane are unstoppable in the Premier League, I think he'll take Welbeck - he likes Welbeck - and then Rooney - will Rooney go as a striker or a midfielder, that's up for debate - and if there's any injuries you've got Rashford, who's burst onto the scene, you've got Andy Carroll to add a different dimension - there's seven there! But he's only gonna take five, so the top attacking options he has against the Welsh team is incredible. So Wales, if they stop Vardy, they've got to stop Kane, if they stop Kane they've got to stop Rooney dropping off, if they stop him they've got Sturridge's pace... it's just going to be very difficult for Wales."

If you were Wales manager, what would your team talk be?

"Defend with your heart, with everything you've got - and when you've got the ball, give it Gareth Bale. Simple. Wherever you are on the pitch, first thought - look for Gareth Bale, give him the ball and let him do his thing. Simple."