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Rescuers discover trapped cat is actually a toy

After a 12 hour effort

Rescuers discover trapped cat is actually a toy

There's nothing cats enjoy more than making humans look pathetic.

Spurning affection, using neighbours for food, ruining board games and vomiting on prized possessions, they relish the opportunity to cause a power-shift in cat/human relations.

Which is why we like to think they were probably behind this sick stunt.

In the village of Moelfre, North Wales, a pregnant stray cat went missing and after locals heard desperate miaows from a recycling bin, they thought they'd found her. The fire brigade and RSPCA struggled to open the bin, due to a broken lock, and so it was sent away to a specialist engineering firm.

After using steel saws to open it, workers discovered that it was a toy cat that miaows when you pick it up.

So the humans were shown up as fools while the actual cat is still to be found. Might want to try the local toy shop.