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Pictures Reddit say it's impossible to see without laughing

Bet you can't get to the end without at least cracking a smile

Pictures Reddit say it's impossible to see without laughing
24 August 2017

All everyone bangs on about nowadays is funny videos. “Oooh, look at this man falling down an escalator!” “Zong, watch this cat knock a toaster onto the floor!” “BOOIIINNGG, this person now has a broken neck!”

But what did people do before we had funny videos to watch? Well, they made do with funny pictures – as they say: “a picture tells a thousand videos” or something. Sometimes, a very good picture can be just as hilarious as a video of an old lady getting hit in the face with a ping pong ball – Reddit recognised this, and responded in droves to the question “What's your ‘picture you can't see without laughing’?”

Here are some of the best (see if you can get to the bottom without at least breaking a smile):








A quick backstory for the next one: what you’re seeing over the next couple of pictures is the work of a bloke who had been subtly Photoshopping his friend’s Facebook photos over time:




A little preamble before the next pic: it comes with the caption "I have a friend who insisted on dressing up like a clown for his family pic back when he was like 8 and it's my favorite picture ever."


See also:




Yes, all very funny. But at no point did I find my favourite internet photo of all time. Or, favourite two photos of all time – if the others didn’t get you, these two will:

God that’s amazing. Enjoy the rest of your day, everybody.