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Real Angry Bird Spotted

Ferocious feathered park-dweller means business

Real Angry Bird Spotted

This whole Angry Birds online obsession is get out of hand, n'est-ce pas?

Important then to highlight the fact that despite the Angry Birds playable cakes, the fake movie trailers and the faux Libya editions, there really is actual angry birds in this world. Like this menacing gent spotted by amateur photographer Gerard Girling.

Girling told the Telegraph: "Angry Birds are all the rage at the moment - but I have never seen one so furious as this tiny female Blue-grey Gnatcatcher, (Poliopitila caerulea). At around 6.5g (0.23oz) she thought nothing of challenging me to a fight when I stumbled into her territory in Turks and Caicos. After I snapped the picture I made a tactical retreat and live to fight another day."

Had you been a green pig, Mr Girling, it could have been a very different story.