This video is why you should never fall asleep on the London Underground


Eight words for you: Rat. Crawls. On. Sleeping. Man. On. Goddamn. Train

Disgusting right? You can feel them on you? We can tell? All rodenty and sniffy and disease ridden and OH MY GOD IT'S ON YOUR SHOULDER! 

We're kidding, but seriously this is awful. Although we should probably point out a few things. First up, full disclosure. This video was filmed on the subway in Manhattan, however, London is a place that's equally as dirty and at times disgusting and has a seriously long history of rodent issues. Like, the plague for example. Or that giant rat that got discovered in Hackney a few weeks ago and was bigger than a dog that had eaten a slightly larger dog. So we're completely comfortable saying that this video has not only put us off commuting in NYC but that it's also given us the heebie-jeebies in blighty too. Seriously, we once saw a dead rat in London Fields that was basically the monster from Creep covered in fur. The only thing scarier than that is probably the thing that killed it.

So, yes, massive rat. On a man. In public. Never sleep again.