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Rare Roger Moore Shots Unearthed

Rare Roger Moore Shots Unearthed

Rare Roger Moore Shots Unearthed
26 August 2014

“In the whole Roger vs Sean debate that’s been raging for the past 20 years, I have to say I’m firmly in the Roger camp. I believe that no one could wear a safari suit with the same degree of casuality.”

Alan Partridge, there, outlining his position on the great ‘Who’s the best Bond?’ debate, back in 1995. And that particular “degree of casuality” that so impressed the chat king is displayed in all its glory in forthcoming coffee-table book Roger Moore: Last Man Standing, exclusive pictures from which you can see here.

It provides a photographic journey through Roger’s entire career, unearthing previously unseen images from his time on The Persuaders, The Saint and, of course, the Bond films.

As great as the photos are, the book is worth buying for Roger’s anecdotes alone. Our favourite involves Roger, Peter Sellers, a “big bag of some white-powdered substance”, a yacht, a magic carpet and Roger’s pay-off line: “That was the closest I’ve ever come to being arrested, I can tell you."

Read the whole thing, and you’ll soon join Alan firmly in the “Roger camp”.

Roger Moore: Last Man Standing is out on 4 September (Michael O’Mara Books)


Moore cutting a cake to celebrate The Spy Who Loved Me

Peter Sellers in the South Of France with Moore

Moore on camera on the set of The Persuaders'''

[Images, ITC, courtesy of Jaz Wiseman]