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Queen stalker found dead near palace

Three years after he died

Queen stalker found dead near palace
Danielle de Wolfe
03 October 2011

Without wishing to make grand, sweeping statements, pretty much every American is obsessed with the Royal Family. Okay so we jest but, during the Royal Wedding, there was more coverage in the US than there was over here. Fact.

Managing to trounce every monarchy-obsessed yank out there, 69-year-old Robert Moore set up camp on a small island in St James's Park, with an excellent view of Buckingham Palace when he arrived in the UK in 2007. Or at least that's what police believed.

Despite being in the middle of a consistently popular tourist spot, Moore's death in 2008 went unnoticed until this year. An inquest revealed the 15-year obsession with our Queen, which included sending obscene and pornographic photographs. We imagine she was not amused.

His skeletal remains were found with empty vodka bottles and a decayed cushion. At least he died what he loved doing: getting drunk, being unhinged and stalking an 85-year-old woman. Perchance to dream...

(Images: Rex Features)