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Pylon criminal agrees to come down for chips

But then makes a sharp exit

Pylon criminal agrees to come down for chips
Danielle de Wolfe
13 October 2011

Picture the scene: you're a drug dealer on the run from custody and you scramble up a pylon to escape police.

You have the police in your hands, negotiating to get you down. What, given the wealth of choice at your fingertips, do you ask for? Oh, you already have a beer if that changes anything.

Well, if you're Leigh Grant in the metropolis of Cannock, Staffordshire, then your list of demands is short and contains just the one word: chips.

Police on the scene complied and returned with a £1.45 bag ($2.28 for our American readers) which we imagine took a while to eat. His choice of condiments hasn't been revealed. After finishing his beer and chips, Grant ordered everyone to move back and then made a dash for it and jumped into a waiting car.

He was arrested a few days later. Probably at his local chippy.

[via Telegraph]

(Image: Rex Features)