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Prince William Crowned Most Influential Man

Noel Edmonds strangely absent from the list....

Prince William Crowned Most Influential Man
Danielle de Wolfe
18 October 2011

He's had a pretty good year all told: marrying his student sweetheart Kate, progressing through the ranks of the RAF, and inheriting Pippa as a sister-in-law.

And he's now had the doff of the cap from readers of, as they've named him the most influential man of 2011.

Voters were asked to consider the main criteria of achievements, profile and status, and the top 49 reflects this, consisting mainly of the great and the good of entertainment, technology and politics.

Notable entries include omniprescent French DJ and producer David Guetta, whose sound dominated the charts in 2011, Apple visionaries Jonathan Ive and the late Steve Jobs who further cemented their reputation in 2011 with the release of the iPhone 4S and the man credited with making science cool again, Dr Brian Cox.

More surprising is the inclusion of Justin Bieber at no. 11, a man not usually given praise by other gents, and the spending cuts-friendly David Cameron, given a begrudging entry at the foot of the table.

Most surprisingly of all, none of the ShortList staff made it on. We can only assume this is an oversight that will be rectified next year...

The list in full:

1)Prince William

2)David Guetta

3)Cristiano Ronaldo

4)Piers Morgan

5)Mark Zuckerberg

6)Steve Jobs

7)Sir Alex Ferguson

8)Charlie Sheen

9)Sir Alan Sugar

10)Barack Obama

11)Justin Bieber

12)Daniel Radcliffe

13)Tinie Tempah

14)Brad Pitt

15)Kanye West


17)Robert Pattinson

18)Lionel Messi

19)George Clooney

20)David Beckham

21)Matt Damon

22)Prince Harry

23)Russell Brand

24)Julian Assange

25)Jose Mourinho

26)Jamie Oliver

27)Jenson Button

28)Christopher Nolan


30)Daniel Craig

31)Bear Grylls

32)Bill Gates

33)Lewis Hamilton

34)Manny Pacquiao

35)Pep Guardiola

36)Gary Barlow

37)Simon Cowell

38)Ricky Gervais

39)Prof Bryan Cox

40)Jeremy Clarkson

41)Jason Statham

42)Colin Firth

43)Idris Elba

44)Chris Martin

45)Jonathan Ive

46)Peter Vesterbacka

47)Andy Murray

48)Rory McLllroy

49)David Cameron

Image: Rex