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Prime Video's latest two horror films are a must watch for different reasons

There's time travelling and creepy corn fields in this pair of horror hits

Prime Video's latest two horror films are a must watch for different reasons
Andrew Williams
16 October 2023

Find yourself scrolling through streaming services in search of great horror films each October? Us too. We have a couple of hot suggestions for Prime Video subscribers.

Totally Killer and Dark Harvest are two brand new horror flicks in danger of flying under the radar. But we think they are worth a watch.

Totally Killer

Let’s start with the attention-grabbing high concept movie, Totally Killer.

It’s one for folks who enjoyed films like Happy Death Day, and is a slasher meets Back to the Future.

When a serial killer from the 1980s begins killing again, teenager Jamie finds herself transported back in time to 1987 to uncover the perpetrator before they even start.

A fact that will surprise no horror fans, this was made in association with Blumhouse.

Totally Killer is sitting pretty at 87% over at Rotten Tomatoes, with critics repeatedly saying it’s just a flat-out good time. Here's the trailer:

“The cast is great, dialogue snappy and sometimes the story even makes sense,” says Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Even the less enthused reviews, like Empire’s 3/5 write-up, sound pretty positive if you ask us.

“A fairground ride face-off, with plenty of energy and some neat tricks up its sleeve, moving so fast that you don’t really have time to think about any of it for too long,” says Empire’s Ben Travis.

Dark Harvest

If Totally Killer sounds a bit too frothy for your liking, you might prefer Dark Harvest, a horror with shades of Stand by Me to it.

It’s set in a place where, every year, the young men of the town have to face off against a monster that appears in the corn fields, Sawtooth Jack.

They have to dispatch him before midnight to keep the town safe, but this year’s group of 18-year-olds want to find a way to break the cycle. Take a look at the trailer:

It hasn’t unified critics quite as much as Totally Killer, but we think Dark Harvest is a tense and engaging watch with a worthy Halloween monster at its core.

Dark Harvest is directed by horror veteran David Spade, who previously directed Bandersnatch, Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night.