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Which hobbies are posh and which are not? We have the answers

Is going to the theatre posh?

Which hobbies are posh and which are not? We have the answers
09 February 2018

Are you posh? Maybe, but what is it exactly that makes you posh? Do you have a silly accent? Own a corgi? House your brain inside a solid gold skull? It’s hard to know what constitutes posh nowadays, what with our ever-changing landscape, but it’s definitely still a ‘thing’, isn’t it? People are still definitely ‘posh’, there’s no getting away from that.

So which pastime indulgence makes you posh? Well, YouGov thought they’d find out, and did one of those survey things you’ve heard so much about - they asked a bunch of people what they consider as a posh activity, and the results are interesting:

It makes sort of sense, this chart - like, obviously ‘going for a meal at the pub’ is not posh, and by most accounts, ‘going to the opera’ is, but there are a few murkier areas. Notably the contentious issue of the art gallery - is it posh or is it not? The country is on the fence, we shall never know!

Either way, it seems we’ve decided that going to the theatre is not posh, despite many considering it so, and the same goes for both spas and museums. In fact, a whopping 76% of people considered that museums were definitively for the masses, which is encouraging (if you like museums).

However, it’s also of note to mention that perception of ‘poshness’ as a concept seems to differ with age, as can be seen in the following graph:

Essentially, as we got older, we relax our reigns on what we consider posh. Probably because such pursuits as the opera and the theatre are often dominated by the older generation, with them simply seeing them as normal, weekly activities.

But regardless of all of this daunting info, there still seems there’s a bit of disagreement on many fronts - people can’t quite make their minds up. Unless of course…

Unless of course we do our own poll! Let’s start again - punch in your answers below on the most polarizing questions on this survey, and we can sort this out once and for all (we’re asking the people that really matter):

That’ll sort it all out for everybody, I’m sure.

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