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PornHub Is So Popular In Russia That Putin Has Banned It

PornHub Is So Popular In Russia That Putin Has Banned It

PornHub Is So Popular In Russia That Putin Has Banned It
09 September 2015

Say what you like about Russian President Vladimir Putin, if something offends him on any basic level, he rises up like a political delete button and simply gets rid of it.

True, on many occasions he tends to get rid of things that lots of other people seem to enjoy (e.g. Memes, Facebook, the practise of homosexuality…) but he does stick to his guns.

The most recent victim of Putin’s moral purge? PornHub. A website that (and we probably don’t need to explain this) specialises in supplying an endless stream of pornography. Much like YouTube, only instead of cats it’s just got loads of funky guitar music, boobs and terrifyingly large penises.

Apparently under the orders of Putin, the nations telecoms supervisor Roskomnadzor has blocked PornHub and ten other middling to large porn sites.

Which is an interesting move considering that - according to PornHub themselves - the website is incredibly popular in Russia. Specifically in fact, searches for anal sex - a possible indicator as to why Putin has taken these steps, given his contempt toward the gay community.

The ban follows the introduction of sweeping new laws that make various modes of expression and sexuality activity illegal – including the now infamous ‘anti-gay law'.

Although, let’s face it, this could all turn out to be nothing: the nation also recently attempted to ban Wikipedia only to do a complete turnaround a few days later. Go figure.

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