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Pop culture pixel artwork

Pop culture pixel artwork

Pop culture pixel artwork
Danielle de Wolfe
30 September 2014

One day, when we've completed the internet and made more money than Scrooge McDuck, we're going to give a large portion of it to Matthew Frith in the hope that he'll make the greatest adventure game the SNES never saw.

A talented digital artist, Frith's extensive portfolio includes pixelated tributes to cult TV shows, video games and films. If it's got an obsessive fanbase, chances are Firth has digitalised it.

From Batman to Breaking Bad, this collection of artwork and Gifs has us dreaming of countless evenings spent playing some seriously sweet point-and-click games.

We're off to make a Kickstarter in a hope of getting one of his concepts onto a D-pad sometime soon. Until then, check out our favourite picks of his work below and be sure to head over to his site to see more.

(Images: Matt Frith)

[Via: Kotaku]