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Pop culture New Year's resolutions

Pop culture New Year's resolutions

Pop culture New Year's resolutions

Before you say anything, yes we know it's the middle of January. And yes, it's likely most have already made (and broken) their New Year's resolutions, but these prints were too good to miss.

Designed by a host of different artists, each poster represents a fictional (and one non-fictional) character's new outlook for the year.

Perhaps, if you haven't decided on one yet, you'll feel inspired by Anton Chigurh's (No Country for Old Men) 'Be Nice' mantra or maybe you could take a tip from The Big Lebowski's Dude and try drinking less.

So, whatever you choose to give up/start/lose this year, rest assured that your pop culture icons will be right there with you.

Just so you know, our resolution was to eat more burgers. We're still going strong, thanks for asking.

(Main image: Chris Piascik)

1. Josh La Fayette, 2. Chris Piascik , 3. Mark Kauffman, 4. Aaron Kovalcsik, 5. Walker Miller, 6. Matt Hunsberger, 7. Emily Chionchio, 8. Ryan Lundy


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