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Watch the most awkward contestant fallout ever on quiz show Pointless

If looks could kill, this contestant would be dead

Watch the most awkward contestant fallout ever on quiz show Pointless
03 January 2017

The new year may have just started but it’s already claimed one friendship.

Two students, Sarah and Miriam, appeared on BBC quiz show Pointless on Monday, and fell devastatingly at the first hurdle.

Presenter Alex Armstrong asked the duo to name a country ending in two consonants.

Sarah, who prefaces her answer with the fact that she did A-level Geography but that’s about it, blurts out Paris.

Which is met by a pause and a jaw drop from Armstrong, but more importantly a spectacular response from ‘friend’ Miriam.

Though she admittedly looked like a bit of a grumpy guts while on national TV anyway, Miriam couldn’t hide the shade as she performed total destruction through ocular expression.

It began with a side-eye of disbelief followed by an eye-roll of irritation and finished with a head-turn away in disgust away from Sarah who wasn’t even worth a direct death stare.

Cue an audible wimper from Sarah and Armstrong scrabbling for something to say. The best he could come up with was “Don’t worry, don’t worry at all, I mean REALLY don’t worry. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there aren’t several 100-scorers in this round.”

Miriam would be.

Miriam and Sarah are out after the first round, and so began what can only be presumed as the worst train journey home ever. Let’s hope Sarah managed to get a table seat opposite Murder-eye Miriam to avoid death by side-stare.

Watch the excruciating moment below: