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Pizza sauce is a vegetable

Claims Congress

Pizza sauce is a vegetable

As a kid, being forced to eat vegetables on a daily basis is a harrowing ordeal that is best avoided through whatever means possible.

Away from strict parental eyes, the school lunch has managed to exist in a relatively lawless wasteland for years but in the US, it's currently a hot topic. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) put forward new rules on nutrition at school and, needless to say, it's irked some of the multi-million dollar food companies.

Desperate to continue clogging the arteries of kids, food companies have clubbed together and lobbied congress for changes. The USDA are insisting that school meals contain a certain amount of vegetables and this wouldn't include chips and pizza sadly.

Last month, the Senate succesfully blocked the suggested potato limits, meaning more salty, greasy fries for kids. Now, congress are suggesting that pizza sauce should be deemed a vegetable. You know, because it has tomatoes in it.

But, ermmm, strictly a tomato is a fruit, right? Well, that would be our defence if we were there.

(Image: Rex Features)

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