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Pimp your Christmas tree with this bacon bauble

Put the sizzle into your tinsel

Pimp your Christmas tree with this bacon bauble

We all love Christmas. And we all love bacon. So why not advertise those facts for all the world to see?

Already taking a starring role in the traditional turkey dinner, as part of the classic pigs in blankets, the incredible food that is bacon is now branching out - literally - by being turned into this magnificent decoration for your tree.

US branches of Urban Outfitters are selling a handcrafted 'Glitter Bacon Ornament' made of glass for $12. The bauble is seven inches long, dusted in glitter and resembles a thin American-style rasher of the good stuff. We'd prefer a good British style full version, but we'll take what we can get for now.

Peace on earth, goodwill to all men and bacon on your tree. That's what Christmas is all about isn't it?