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Pig's Ear of a Zebra Crossing

Workmen fail to earn their stripes

Pig's Ear of a Zebra Crossing

Following hot on the heels of previousworkmenincompetence, comes this sterling effort from Tongling, in the Anhui province of central China: a zebra crossing in two halves, six feet apart.

Two teams of painters were enlisted for the job; when the second team arrived, they insisted that the first team had painted in the wrong place, and stuck to the original specifications for theirs - an almost definitive example of the term jobsworth.

"It's idiotic because you get half way across and run out of crossing. The cars round here aren't very forgiving - if there's no crossing they just don't stop," said one pedestrian.

Thankfully, the local officials have pledged to paint a new crossing all the way across the road.

Images: CEN