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Piers Morgan wades into the milk in first or last debate, and obviously gets it wrong

We hope for your sake you don't make your tea like Piers...

Piers Morgan wades into the milk in first or last debate, and obviously gets it wrong

Piers Morgan annoys people for money. A lot of money, apparently. Yesterday, he tweeted out his salary:

Maybe he's sincere in his opinions, maybe he just enjoys winding people up for fun. The thing is, it works. If there's an opinion to be had, you can be sure Piers Morgan is there, arguing whatever point is sure to tick off the largest group of people possible.

His latest opinion? On the noble and respected art of making a brew. On Good Morning Britain Piers revealed his preferred method of making a cup of tea and folks… Piers Morgan says he puts the milk in first.

Piers told the GMB crew that he's a fan of a strong cuppa, shunning teabags in cups for a more traditional process.

"Personally I would never just do it with a bag in a cup. Always brew it in a pot. I’m a four teabag man in a pot", he said. "Four teabags for about four minutes. If you over-stew it becomes undrinkable but even then it’s better than under-stew."

Piers is wrong about tea, obviously

Already we’ve got a classic headstrong Piers Morgan opinion. But Piers being Piers, he topped it off with another inflammatory segment where he announced he’s a milk in first kinda guy.

He literally lives to annoy.

And get a charged response on social media.

Twenty two and a half million pounds of annoying opinions.

We have to ask, does Piers Morgan actually put the milk in first, or is he just trying to piss us all off. Either way, if you’re a milk in first person you’re going to have to change your (wrong) habits – no one wants to be like Piers.