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Phonebook art

Big names. Made from lots of tiny names.

Phonebook art

Allow us to introduce an artist who is, quite simply, off the hook. His decision to pick up a paintbrush was nothing short of a good call. In fact, you could say he's a budding Salvador Dial-i.

What, you're no doubt asking yourself, is with all the unbelievably feeble telephone puns? Well, we employ them purely to usher in Cuban virtuoso Alex Queral, whose incredible phonebook artwork has recently caught our eye.

Using nothing but a discarded multi-page directory, a pot of acrylic medium and a very sharp knife, Queral carves out portraits of some of the planet's biggest names in music, art and cinema, before peeling the pages away to reveal an astounding 3D sculpture.

You can see the likes of Jack Nicholson, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie below, and more of Queral's excellent work can be gazed upon at