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Peter Crouch losing it in a mosh pit is the only video you need to see today

Is Crouchy the best footballer out there? Yes, yes he is

Peter Crouch losing it in a mosh pit is the only video you need to see today
26 June 2018

Footballers often get a bad reputation, don’t they? Mercenary, obsessed with money and bling, disloyal and shallow goes the common refrain from many a red top publication.

And while, finally, people are starting to rightly view footballers as - you know, humans, just like me and you - some people still find it difficult to warm to them.

But that is why God gave us Peter Crouch.

Not content with giving us consistently hilarious Twitter content, the big man has upped his game to the next level with new footage which has emerged from the weekend.

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He was spotted in the crowd at Kasabian’s headline show at the Isle of Wight festival - but not for Crouchy lurking in the VIP section with a Barcardi and coke, studiously keeping his distance from the hoi polloi.

No, the 37-year-old Stoke fan was filmed giving it the absolute large, up the front, in amongst the real fans in the mosh pit as the Leicester indie heroes blasted out their 2006 hit ‘Empire’.

Just take a look at this total hero:

The band themselves even got a laugh out of Crouchy’s presence:

He even provided hilarity simply by being there:

Naturally he was happy to pose with the adoring public too:

Of course, just a few weeks ago, he was busy putting in a last-minute pitch to be included in the England World Cup squad, nailing a basketball trick shot in his back garden:

While the tweet was obviously meant to be a joke (and he admitted it took him three times to nail the shot), it’s often forgotten amongst the Twitter laughs that Crouch actually boasts a superb record for England, netting 22 goals in 42 appearances for the Three Lions, playing in both the 2006 and 2010 World Cups; indeed, his first competitive goal for England came in a crucial win against Trinidad and Tobago in Germany (although it was later to prove controversial as replays showed him pulling on Bent Sancho’s hair to gain an advantage).

It’s also impressive that, despite his relatively advanced years, he continues to ply a Premier League trade, appearing 34 times for Stoke City this season and scoring 6 goals, although this was not enough to stop the side suffering relegation. He appears to be showing no signs of hanging up those big boots and is likely to add to his career total of 203 goals in 703 games next season, whether in the Championship or elsewhere.

However, while his playing days will surely wind down soon, he remains Twitter’s MVP in football terms, racking up a host of brilliant tweets.

The Stoke City forward, who was once asked what he’d be if not a footballer and replied “a virgin”, clearly has a quicker wit than many of his peers - here are a few examples:


Still at the top



Big omission

Legendary goal celebrations



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