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People are tricking kids with gross fake Peppa Pig videos on YouTube

Please take the internet away from these people

People are tricking kids with gross fake Peppa Pig videos on YouTube

An undeniable fact: Peppa Pig, as a TV show, is fucked up. They’re pigs, right, and they’re mates with rabbits and cats and stuff: they’re all animals. AND YET: some of the animals have pets. The animals own other animals. Pigs own tortoises. Cats own goldfish. There’s some weird, unspoken class hierarchy going on here which, typically, the mainstream media is too cowardly to investigate.

Other than this though, and the fact that, inexplicably, none of the male characters ever wear trousers, Peppa Pig is pretty standard kids’ TV fare. Peppa carves a Halloween pumpkin, Peppa goes to the shops, Peppa visits the circus, whatever.

So news that YouTube is filled with videos of Peppa being tortured is… a bit weird?

This is undeniably weird, isn't it

On the surface, “inappropriate Peppa Pig videos” may sound like an overzealous thread on Mumsnet, but… it’s not. In fact, an investigation from BBC Trending has found loads of genuinely fucked up stuff. One video now removed from YouTube, for example, depicts Peppa getting her teeth pulled out. According to the BBC: “A dentist with a huge syringe appears. Peppa’s teeth get pulled out. Distressing crying can be heard”.

Videos starring “characters from Frozen, the Minions franchise, Thomas the Tank Engine” and more are also available online, and they’re all doing weird shit: breaking each other’s arms, snotting all over each other, mysteriously losing all their clothes.

And LOADS of people are watching this stuff: “SEXY FROZEN ELSA BATH TIME”, a legitimately weird thing to produce, watch or be involved with in any way, has two million views. “SPIDERMAN PEE ON THE ELSA’S BATHTUB”, which as the imaginative title suggests depicts Spiderman pissing in Elsa from Frozen’s bath, has five million. “FROZEN ELSA DRINKS FROM A TOILET” has twenty six million. Twenty six MILLION views for a video where a kids’ film character drinks from a toilet with a straw. 

Anyway, none of the channels in question responded to the BBC’s requests for comments and most of the videos remain online, so if for some reason you want to watch Peppa Pig being tortured and stuff you can, though we’d probably recommend you take a long hard look in the mirror instead.