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People who lounge around the house naked are actually smarter

So now you have an excuse

People who lounge around the house naked are actually smarter

How likely you are to sit around at home with your dick and balls fully out doesn’t seem like something worthy of extensive scientific research, does it. Just, like, get a better dressing gown, dude. Cover it up. But new research in psychology journal Personality and Individual Differences suggests that your personality type may actually have a pretty big impact. 

The research points towards the ‘Big Five’ personality types – a common way psychologists categorise people by personality type. There are five factors – openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

And it’s a high score on openness to experience, which is often associated with a high level of intellect, that means you’re most likely to like lounging around naked.

Researchers used a 1990s data set that combined reporting on day to day activity (how someone tells jokes, for example, or how they answer the phone) with answers on the Big Five traits to find out which behaviours were most associated with certain personality types.

And people with high intellect are also more likely to “swear around other people, buy organic food, create art, eat spicy breakfasts, not follow sports and do their own car maintenance”, according to Science of Us

So next time your flatmate catches an unwanted glimpse of your weird balls: joke’s on them, because actually it means you’re SMART.