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People are using GIFs to describe what happens when we die

No one knows, but we can definitely try to guess

People are using GIFs to describe what happens when we die
Tom Victor
27 February 2018

Sometimes it can feel as though there are no more mysteries in life.

You’re regularly getting detailed feedback about what you put into your body. Your favourite football team’s new signings are all-but confirmed days before they’re made official. Even uncertainty over fan theories is getting cleared up faster than you can choose between two superhero suits.

But one thing will remain a mystery: what happens when you die.


We’re not talking ‘burial or cremation’ stuff here, we mean what will your version of the afterlife look like, if it exists.

It’s something we’ve been curious about for generations, and – unless massive and unprecedented (and probably impossible) steps are made in science – this will continue for generations to come.

That won’t stop us speculating, though, and My Favorite Murder co-host Georgia Hardstark put the question to her 100,000+ Twitter followers… albeit in a slightly different way to normal.

If you weren’t sure this was something we all think about, the number and depth of responses ought to put your mind at rest (no, not like that).

We got plenty of answers from pop culture, of course.

Some were more optimistic than others, mind you.

We got some of the best estimations of heaven…

And hell…

Still, we didn’t see this coming…

(Main image: NBC)