People are predictably taking the piss out of a festival in Kettering called Kettfest

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Gary Ogden

I went to Kettering once, it is very nice and has some lovely pubs, but that’s about it really – it’s certainly not known for its wild parties or all-night raves. Maybe an all-night cheese binge or two, but nothing too extreme.

Or at least, it wasn’t. Annual art, culture, music and community festival Kettfest has been running since 2015, and is a great way to spend a day, pottering about, looking at wicker baskets, eating ice cream and just being a wholesome, normal adult. Only thing is, look at its name. It’s got a funny name that means something else. Something naughty.

So obviously, this being the internet and all, people have jumped on it like rabid dogs on a bone, and taken the mick. A quick scroll through the Facebook comments and there’s some real gold to be found – here are some choice cuts:

Yes everyone, very funny, well done. The only thing is, the event is currently looking at the rather OTT number of approx 2600 attendees. As funny as this all is, hopefully the actual festival won’t be ruined. Only head down if you want to get absolutely off your trolley on wicker baskets, guys.


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