Some poor sod fell asleep in an Uber and was charged £467 to get to Brixton via Bristol

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Emily Badiozzaman

It’s 4am and even though there’s the Night Tube now, you just can’t be arsed having to talk to other night revelers, so Uber it is. 

And while we’ve all fallen asleep on the Tube after a night out and ended up at a station we never knew existed, Uber at least seems like a safer option. Just punch in where you’re going and the nice driver will give you a shake when you get to your door. 

Except if you’re a guy called Aaron Wray, a computer science student who accidentally ended up going from Crodyon to Brixton… via Bristol. 

What should have been a 20-minute jaunt home turned into a five-and-a-half-hour schlep to Bristol and back when either Aaron put in the wrong postcode, or the driver did. 

After clambering in at 3:20am, Aaron fell asleep only to wake up on the M4 already on the way back from Bristol to London. He said his phone was dead so he couldn’t quite figure out where he was. 

It was only when he got home that he realised the route the driver and taken and the cost of it – £467. 

Aaron’s pal tweeted his misfortune:

Aaron gave his driver Ubdi one star for his troubles and Uber have offered a ‘gesture of goodwill’ and offered him a refund. 


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