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Our best look yet at classic Aladdin and Lion King games on Switch

Aladdin and The Lion King are heading to the Switch this week.

Our best look yet at classic Aladdin and Lion King games on Switch
28 October 2019

If you fancy a trip down memory lane then you'll be pleased to hear that two classic games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this week.

The Lion King and Aladdin were stalwarts of the Sega – and now you'll be able to play them again, with (hopefully) a few improvements and enhancements.

Both games are classic platforms, seeing you dodge, fight and climb your way to success.

The two games do have some similarities, though plot and execution is slightly different.

Aladdin sees you travel through Agrabah and the Cave of Wonders with your trusty sidekick Abu to fight Jafar and rescue Jasmine, and you do everything you might expect from a classic platform game – dodge enemies, fight, jump, and travel around on a magic carpet.

In the Lion King, things are much the same. As Simba, you have to avoid and fight enemies and make your way through ten levels to become, you guessed it – the Lion King. You also meet some familiar faces along the way.

At £30 for both, you do get value for money, though there is obviously limited appeal here – if you've been playing a massive open world game like Zelda on your Switch, then this constricted world is obviously going to somewhat pale in comparison.

But for a quick and fun blast from the past, you can't get much better than this.

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