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Only a real Londoner can pass this quiz

Pass this test or get out IMMEDIATELY

Only a real Londoner can pass this quiz
13 September 2017

London is both the best and worst city in the world, depending on what mood you’re in and where you are at any particular moment. It’s Saturday afternoon, raining, and you’re stuck in Oxford Circus? London fucking sucks. Sunny, you’re in the garden of your favourite pub hardly anyone else knows about, with a pint and a few mates? Glorious.

Once you’ve lived here a while, you start to understand the unwritten rules of the city - things people don’t really tell you when you move, but it’s criminal to get wrong.

Where should I avoid at all costs? Should I eat at that restaurant? How to I make sure I’m not being a right dickhead on the Tube? These are all things you come to learn, some much quicker than others, and we’ve included a few choice examples in this quiz.

If you fuck it up, you have to leave. Sorry, but them’s the rules.