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One of Prime Video's best shows is back - and it's got a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

This action-packed show is perfect weekend viewing...

One of Prime Video's best shows is back - and it's got a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating
Andrew Williams
15 December 2023

Jack Reacher is back on Prime Video and, judging by the reviews, this second season may well be even better than the first.

Reach season 2 currently sits at a 100% fresh rating over at Rotten Tomatoes. It’s no wonder the show has already been green-lit for a third season, even if there's still time for the reviewers to ruin its perfect score.

The second season sees Reacher informed members of his old team are being murdered, one by one. And he’s got to deal with it in his own gruff, violent way.

The Wall Street Journal says it’s “even brawnier than before.”

"The appeal of the entire Reacher oeuvre, quite frankly, is about vicious ne’er-do-wells getting their due. Which they do,” its review reads.

IGN calls Reacher season 2 “purpose-built Friday night TV.” The review says it’s “perfect for pounding popcorn while Reacher pounds away onscreen – mostly into the faces and fleshy bits of scattered salvoes of assorted scumbags.”

Reacher just seems to get the tenor of action right, making scenes visceral and at times uncomplicated without leaving the show seeming flat-out dumb.

That’s not no say Reacher is particularly grounded, or that it aims to be, though.

“Where the first season was more grounded in some sense of reality, this season feels like a genre playground, where Reacher operates like a flawless, unstoppable deity and the show is allowed to be as gratuitous, goofy, and bloody as it needs to be,” says TV Guide’s review.

The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, says a big part of the appeal “boils down to the ultraviolence, which is relentlessly inventive and overblown.”

One of Prime Video's best shows is back - and it's got a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating
Image Credit: Prime Video

There’s also plenty of praise for Alan Ritchson, who — as fans of the novels will know — is clearly a better fit for the character of the source material than the movie Jack Reacher actor Tom Cruise ever was.

Standing at six feet five inches, Ritchson is a man mountain who knows how to fill silence with the threat of violence.

Get Reacher season 2 poured down your eyeballs, stat. Three episodes are available at release, while the remaining five will be broadcast one a week into early 2024.