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Occupy Denver elects dog as leader

Man's best friend takes on 'The Man'

Occupy Denver elects dog as leader
09 November 2011

Because leaders are like totally mainstream, the various Occupy movements have remained without anyone in charge.

But in Denver, the mayor has been hounding (this choice of word will prove extremely witty in a moment) the protesters for someone that officials can deal with one-on-one.

Since every dog has it's day (almost there), they decided to elect Shelby, a border collie. Well, we say 'they' but apparently Shelby was chosen by "organiser" Aaron “Al” Nesby. But, if they have an organiser then...

Anyway, Shelby was picked because she is a "smart and fun dog" and also because no-one wanted Michael Moore taking control. Shelby's owner will accompany her to meetings but won't talk at all during them.

If you have nothing better to do for 12 minutes then here's a video of them electing Shelby, uploaded to that alternative, non-capitalist little site called YouTube...

(Image: YouTube)

[via Newser]