The NRA have fallen out with an expensive cooler company and are acting like ridiculous gun idiots

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The NRA have fallen out with an expensive cooler company and are acting like ridiculous gun idiots

After a business dispute between the National Rifle Association and cooler company YETI, gun owners have been destroying their own property

The NRA, as we all know, are one of the most political powerful lobbying groups in the US. They were instrumental in supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and have successfully liberalised gun laws across the country, with devastating consequences.

But after the Florida school shooting in February that left 17 dead, the surviving students-turned-activists have led very successful boycotts of the NRA – and any company or politician who does business with them.

It’s in this context that the latest right-wing head-scratcher of a story has emerged. Last week, former NRA president Marion Hammer wrote a letter on behalf of the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action, saying that cooler company YETI had suddenly declined to do business with the NRA Foundation, according to CNN.

Well, this announcement was met with absolute fury by American gun-lovers. So much so, that a load of them have decided to blow up, shoot or otherwise destroy their own YETI coolers – which are often used for outdoor activities like camping and hunting – even though they cost up to $1,300 each.

This South Carolina man was so upset he blew up his cooler:

And this guy shot his YETI flask with a hand gun. WHAT A TOUGH GUY!

Now, if you think wilfully destroying your own property is stupid, you’ll love what’s coming next: it turns out the whole thing wasn’t true and YETI are, in fact, strong supporters of guns and the Second Amendment.

“YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment,” they said in a statement.

It’s good to know that all these American gun owners are smart, level-headed people who gather all their facts before making violent, rash decisions. It’s why I sleep so peacefully at night!

Finally, please enjoy this genuinely funny video from CJ Morgan as he tries to ‘destroy’ his own cooler in protest: 

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