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Nokia's £15 dumbphone

Nokia's £15 dumbphone

Nokia's £15 dumbphone
Danielle de Wolfe
11 August 2014

No, it doesn't have 4G. It doesn't have a retina display. It doesn't even have a camera. This is the Nokia 130 and it's going to remind you of a time when phones were phones.

One of the first new handsets to emerge from Nokia since Microsoft bought them for a frightening amount of money, the 130 is the antithesis of the modern smartphone. Aimed at 'emerging markets' in which power supplies are unreliable and mobile internet non-existent, this is £15 of practical, portable communication.

Having shrugged off modern bells and whistles, the battery boasts 13 hours of talk time, rising to 36 days on standby. Supporting up to 32GB of external storage via its Micro SD card reader, you'll be able to watch up to 16 hours of video on its 1.8" screen (though we're not sure you'd bother), or listen to music for 46 hours. And yes, in traditional Nokia fashion, there's a torch and FM radio crammed into the 68g handset.

Available in red, white or black, this is the ideal stand in phone for holidays, festivals or leaving fully charged in your car's glove box just in case. There's no word on a UK release date yet, but expect one by the end of the year. Fingers crossed it comes with Snake...