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Nintendo is expermenting with VR, but it has a problem

Zelda VR?

Nintendo is expermenting with VR, but it has a problem
29 June 2016

We're finally starting to get a picture of what Nintendo's has been keeping quite about after all these months of NX rumours: VR.

At a recent shareholders meeting, Nintendo's acting representative director Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that the company was "researching VR" - but didn't want to show off the NX at E3 as they wanted to "avoid imitators". 

A transcription of the discussions were soon put on Twitter, translated by ever-reliable Japanese news source Cheesemiester (seriously, don't be put off by the name).

It would appear that VR is very much at the centre of Nintendo's future ambitions - but the company needs to iron out some long-play issues that several other VR games groups have already encountered. While VR games are deeply immersive, many players (including this writer) notice serious fatigue while playing any VR game for more than half an hour. 

The comments made in the financial briefing back up previous rumours that Nintendo is looking to incorporate VR into its hardware once more - a quest it set out on back in 1995 with the Virtual Boy. 

Quite how VR will line up with the NX wasn't detailed by Miyamoto, but with a launch date pencilled for March 2017, you can expect some major reveals in the coming months.

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