A US airport is using a picture of Nick Clegg on its maintenance signs

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Dave Fawbert

Right, this is getting weird. Are they doing it deliberately now? They’re definitely doing it deliberately. Or maybe they’re not?

Either way, for the second time in four months, a photo of a formerly-leader-of-their-party-but-now-just-normal MP has been used as a stock image in America.

This time, it’s the turn of ‘I Agree With’ Nick Clegg, after Las Vegas airport used an image of him next to an unknown woman who looks a bit like Avril Lavigne but probably isn’t on a poster apologising for ongoing maintenance works.

The Lib Dem press office were quick to leap into action upon being alerted of Nick’s new-found glamorous fame:

Of course, back in December, it was former Labour leader Ed Miliband’s turn, as an picture of him sneezing was used as a stock image for an NBC segment on the upcoming cold and flu season. He was probably just glad it wasn’t that bacon sandwich picture.

Still, you could say it means that Nick’s still going places. It’s an airport… right… right?