Why the police should never be allowed to use memes, in one quickly deleted tweet

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Gary Ogden
New Zealand Police just did the worst tweet in history

Top tip: be careful trying to be funny on the internet, because it can often backfire (I’ve experienced this first hand, because weirdly, not everything I’ve ever written has been a 100% banger - no idea why). This is universally known to most people, but now and again, someone will steamroll through, their frantic hands blustering about a keyboard, big grin on their face, excitable thumb slamming down on “Tweet”, sit-back-and-let-the-goddamn-likes-roll-in-baby.

The steamroller driver in the latest case of ill-informed tweeting is New Zealand police, and their frankly astonishing tweet, which you can find below, if you like bad, bad things:

Social media banter, there. What an idea!

Of course, a heinous post like this was sure to cause outrage, and it did, on the exact medium it was expected to bang on (story of my life).

NZ Police were quick (and right) to delete the tweet, and have since attempted an apology:

Bit late, but still. Maybe run the joke past a few people first, before chucking it out there, because if something isn’t funny, the world will let you know about it. Or alternatively, maybe get a couple of lessons in feds banter from the Greater Manchester police - just cop a load of this BOING:

That’s like four jokes for the price of one, there. Great stuff.

(Image: NBC)


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