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The latest meme is showing us all how to start 2018 the right way

Try this yourself

The latest meme is showing us all how to start 2018 the right way

It’s fair to say that, for most of us, 2017 has been a bit of a bummer.

Most years we’d just have to deal with the stupid stuff, like an Irish family chasing a bat around their house, Wayne Shaw sparking a debate about what legally counts as a pie, or a man getting stuck on a planet.

But no, this year just had to be different.

In 2017, the stupid has been overshadowed by the genuinely terrifying, like the continued rise of the far right and the legitimate prospect of us all getting blown up after a world leader says the wrong thing.

We need to do all we can to make 2018 better, and we need to do it as early as possible.

Let’s start 2018 like this

Whatever you’re doing on New Year’s Eve, you’ll probably only be thinking of 2018 as an abstract concept, defined by the vague idea of resolutions.

But maybe we should be more specific about what we want from the New Year. Maybe we should be fussier about what we want to be doing when the clock strikes midnight.

Thankfully, there’s a way.

Someone has crunched the numbers and found a surefire way to enter 2018 listening to the chorus of that timeless classic, ‘Africa’ by Toto. So when you’re counting down to midnight, you’re also counting down to the moment Bobby Kimball belts out: “‘It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from youuuuuuuuuuu”.

While that’s great, we’ve heard rumours there are some people out there who aren’t fans of the Toto classic.

We’ve yet to meet a single one of them, but we have to work on the assumption that they exist.

Not to worry, though. There are other options.

It turns out some people also like music that wasn’t recorded in the ‘80s. I know, it sounds preposterous, but still…

Maybe music isn’t your thing. Don’t worry, there are other options.

Start your 2018 the right way.

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