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Watch the bright-eyed new trailer for 'Captain Marvel'

Ah, so that's why she punched the granny!

Watch the bright-eyed new trailer for 'Captain Marvel'
04 December 2018

We brought you the first trailer for Captain Marvel a while back, and let’s be honest, not much happened in it apart from that bit where she whalloped a granny in the face. That bit was great.

But why was Brie Larson belting a pensioner around the chops? Not the kind of thing a hero should be doing, is it? Lamping a poor old biddy in the mouth. Just sitting there, minding her own business on the train, then suddenly along comes Brie Larson and before she can say “blue rinse”, she’s getting her cheeks done in. Poor lady.

Thing is though, she was punching that cute little bat for a reason - look:

Because she was an EVIL old lady! A bad alien old lady! Phew!

Anyway - fun new trailer, right? Captain Marvel looks hard. Cool hairdo, fire-eyes, blue lightning bolts etc - it’s what superhero dreams are made of. And we’ll find out if there are any more old ladies to be punched when the film hits cinemas on March 8. Fingers crossed!

(Image: YouTube)