NATO carries out biggest military exercise since the Cold War in attempt to scare Russia

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Joe Ellison

Looks as though someone’s being 'put-in' his place…

Coming in response to Russia’s recent airstrikes in Syria, ongoing skirmishes in Ukraine and heavy presence across the Crimea, NATO has just reminded Vladimir Putin that he's not the only one capable of flexing military muscle.

Officially titled Operation Trident Juncture, NATO just staged the largest military exercise since the end of the Cold War, bringing together 36,000 troops, 140 aircraft and 60 ships from over 30 countries over a month-long span in Spain, Portugal and Italy. A new ‘quick reaction force’ of 5000 elite troops was also tested, able to intervene in any global situation within 48hrs.

Storming beaches, abseiling out of choppers, hopping onto aircraft carriers with disregard for health and safety? Peacekeeping has rarely looked so badass.

Importantly though, with relations between East and West frostier than they have been in decades, NATO hopes this not-so-subtle show of force is the only way to halt the Russian aggression and make them realise that all-out conflict isn’t the wisest of ideas.

Still, worth sticking a tenner on 'World War III to start next year' with Paddy Power just in case.


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