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Nat Wolff Signs On For The Stand

Nat Wolff Signs On For The Stand

Nat Wolff Signs On For The Stand

In the two and a half decades since Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic classic The Stand was first published, attempts at major big screen adaptations have been many, though fruitless as they've all ended up in the ninth circle of development hell - yes, a good title for a King book itself, but that’s not the point.

And after the recent news that director Josh Boone is taking on the tale with help from producers Jimmy Miller and Roy Lee, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Nat Wolff has signed on to the project, making the planned movie even more odds-on.

No word on what character the actor will play in King's tale of biological fallout and the ensuing battle between mankind’s survivors, nor whether the story itself will be adapted from the original or 1990 Complete & Uncut Edition, just that the actor is playing a major role.

Ironically, Wolff also starred in 2012’s Stuck In Love which featured a cameo by King himself; and given how Boone ‘s upcoming rom-com adaptation The Fault In Our Stars is already generating awards hype, you can be sure he's certainly not phased when it comes to taking on beloved books.

Consider any fanboys fears appeased - this is shaping up to be quite the project.

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